Writing Rules

1.         Articles including text, tables, figures and bibliography should not exceed 7500 words and should be minimum 2500 words. (Depending on the page format, should be between 8-20 pages) Papers should be written in Microsoft Word, manuscript should be single spaced in, Cambria font and font size 10, page layout is 4.5 cm at left, right, up and bottom. 

2.         Paper title should be in the center of the first page in capital letters, bold and centered. Names(s) and address(es) of the author(s) should be in the same format as the paper title. There should be a ‘’ * ’’ sign next to the name of each autor, referrin the academic title and institution of the authors, located in the footnote. Abstract should be both in Turkish and English, maximum 100 words, containing the purpose of the study and minumum 3 maximum 9 keywords should be given both in Turkish and English under the abstract. 

3.         Each paragraph of text is begin with a blank line. Sections and sub-sections should be numbered as 1., 1.1., 1.1.2. and should be written bold and left justified. 

4.         Tables, figures and graphics should be numbered consecutively. The titles should be placed and left justified at the top of tables and figures. Mathematical equations in the text should be centered. Equation numbers should numerate in parentheses and this numbers should be placed at the equation’s right size.


5.         Reference to a publication should be made in the text by citing the surname of the author, the year of publication, and the page number. Reference for publications with single author (Jarvick,1996:98), reference for publications with two authors (Frantzich and Sullivan, 1996:87), reference for publications with three or more authors (Caroline, Pauwels, v.d., 2000:76), reference for more than one publications by author published in the same year (Noam, 1991a:65), reference for more than one sources: (Jarvick, 1996:54; Noam, 1991:43; Dörr, 2000:32). 

6.         Footnotes should only be used if absolutely necessary. They should be numbered and should be typed on a separate page under the heading “Notes”, Cambria font and font size 10 points.  

7.         All the sources used in the article should be listed at the end of the article under the title “Bibliography” on a separate page. Examples illustrating general guidelines for bibliography are shown below.


i. Book

Çolak, Ö. F.. (2001). Finansal Piyasalar ve Para Politikası. Ankara: Nobel Yayın Dağıtım. 

Frantzich, S. ve John, S.. (1996). The C-Span Revolution. Oklohama: Oklahoma University Press.


ii. Edited Book

Arıcı, K.. (2003). Sosyal Yardım Hakkı. Çalışma Ekonomisi ve Endüstri ilişkileri Seçme Yazılar, (Ed.) E. Tuncay Kaplan ve Bülent Bayat. Ankara: Gazi Üniversitesi İ.İ.B.F. Yayını


iii. Journal

Aydoğmuş, O. ve Çatık, N.. (2006). Türkiye'de Para ikamesi Altında Para Talebi:1986-2005. Tisk Akademi, 1(1): 58-74.


iv. Working Paper

Shirley, M. M. ve Walsh, P.. (2000). Public versus Private Ownership. World Bank Policy Research Working Paper, No:2420.


v. Internet

Türkiye Cumhuriyet Merkez Bankası, (2007) Aylık Bülten Şubat 2011, www.tcmb.gov.tr